martedì 24 febbraio 2015

Naked at Vanity Fair party.

As you probably know two days ago
took place the Oscar ceremony and the 
consequential party hosted by the magazine
Vanity Fair. Every celebrity after the ceremony
had a dress change. I choose five of the most
naked women photographed at the party.
The first one in my rank is Irina  Shayk who
had everything on display, she is usually really
 glamour but in this occasion I would have
covered a bit more.
The second one is Rita Ora who dressed 
like Irina but she was more sensual than
everyone else at the party.
The third place goes to Gigi Hadid, a long black
sophisticated dress cleavage and with a slit.
Number four is our unforgettable Lady Gaga
who wore a transparent black dress 
( what does her boyfriend think?)
The last and the more elegant and interesting
dress is Jennifer Lopez one. Such an 
incredible princess dress which is not
completely naked.
What do you think about my list?
Leave a comment below!
Thanks, B.

Irina Shayk


Rita Ora

Gigi Hadid

Lady Gaga

Jennifer Lopez

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